Justin & ChrisThe Jukebox Heroes may be confused with a memorable Foreigner song, however, Justin Molaison and Chris Tarride, have more than just stars in their eyes.
Chris Tarride is no stranger to the music scene in Southern Louisiana. Chris has performed in several bands over the years including most recently 90 to Nothing, (a 90’s tribute); Dirt, (an Alice In Chains tribute); and Shameless, (a Top-40 Country cover band). Chris sings and plays guitar and percussion in The Jukebox Heroes as he helps build a wall of sound which only this two man band can create.

Justin Molaison is a veteran of the music industry. After spending years up north in Boston, studying at the Berklee College of Music, Justin left the frozen tundra of the Northeast to return home. Once back on the music scene, Justin was introduced to Chris via the band “Shameless” where Justin plays bass and sings and Chris is the lead singer.

It didn’t take long for these two to realize that they could go out on the road and perform popular songs in an acoustic environment that broke the boundaries of the typical cover band. A night with The Jukebox Heroes will have you jumping from genre to genre as they cover such songs from artists like Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, Al Green, Lady Gaga, Jim Croce, The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Outkast, Adele and more.

These two musicians perform acoustic renditions of popular music across all genres including rock, pop, soul, country and R&B from the era of the birth of rock n’ roll all the way to today’s hottest hits!

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